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Terms of service

Rules for the use of the tennis courts and their amendments\/additions to the rules (current version) published in the service provider’s message boards. It is considered that the visitors with the places referred to in the publicly available version of the rules is amended by the addition of\/familiar and nesupažindinami separately.

The outfit all players must wear clean tennis courts sport outfit and wearing just a footwear for tennis. Playing in covered tennis courts must beguile clean footwear is used only for the game in covered areas.

Player etiquette before the start of play, a player has to make sure the other players\/visitors is at a safe distance and not to offend skriejančio ball or racket.

All other players walking around the pitch, going through the game. At the sound of mobile phones must be switched off.

Pažaidę outdoor tennis courts with a surface of the ground, the players have a neatly ironed out pitches for the cover with a special network.

Food and snacks to the tennis courts, visitors can pick up a drink only if you drink in a plastic container.

Bring foodstuffs (including chewing gum, šokoladus, and so forth) into the tennis courts is prohibited.

Responsibilities • Tennis site visitors are responsible for any of your, your guest’s service provider and\/or any third party damages and violations of these rules.

• Tennis courts visitors themselves shall bear all injuries, injuries to or death of the body and health risks.

• Playgrounds and their auxiliary facilities, including the House and closet, as well as the common spaces are not adapted to the paliktiems or other personal items (money, bank cards, jewellery, mobile phones, computers, keys, clothing, footwear, equipment, etc.). The service provider is not responsible for members, visitors, guests or other people ‘s, located in the sports complex, personal belongings and any items not in the event of injury. Visitors breaking these rules is a fine of $ 200. The obligation to compensate the damage remains.