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2014 in Kaunas opened a tennis complex with 4 indoor and 3 outdoor courts, meets all the requirements of the tarptaunius ITF.

Indoor tennis court 4 indoor tennis courts with SCHÖPP, SLIDE coated with granules. The dimensions are 18-36 meters, the average illuminance 466Lx, and 11 ft ceiling height. Playgrounds are coated in the new generation double membrane Airdome DUOL \”ball\”, so there are no design elements between the site and the time of day you can listen out loud naturaliu lit.

Open tennis court 4 Open tennis court with a gruntine coating. Aištelių dimensions are 18 36 metres. Pitches equipped in 2013, after they wrapped up a tubular drainage, which is operated by electric pumps, a tad dry courts after rain, you will be able to enjoy a much faster.

Tennis workout Experienced coaches will offer you personal workout, and your children, according to their abilities, are able to join one of the groups of children.

Reservations for visitors to Vienakartiniams Courts you can reserve online or upon arrival at the reception desk. Applies to a single visit to the price.

You can also reserve online retail Sites, by phone or at the desk.

The subscription price for the visit. You can become a Abonenentu in one of two ways: ∙ Flexible schedule. The client shall conclude an agreement with JSC Megatenis, and pays a $ 500 advance payment: you can use aišteles for reservations at any time not more than 2 weeks. Apply to subscriber fees.

∙ Standing time. The client shall conclude an agreement with JSC Megatenis, and pay in advance for not less than 2 months ahead. The customer in advance is made in accordance with the timetable agreed in advance a lot. Apply to subscriber fees.

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